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Elevate Your Team's LinkedIn Skills

Kick off the year in style by activating your employees to generate more visibility and use LinkedIn more productively for Marketing, Hiring & Selling through 2024

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of B2B Sales Interactions Between Sellers and Buyers Will Occur in Digital Channels by 2025.



Content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

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Peer-to-peer marketing is the leading driver behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions.


Learning Linkedin

1) by making it happen
2) by empowering employees and leaders
3) by someone who worked at Linkedin 6 years

Workshop Overview

📅 30-minute prep meeting with HR & Leaders
📝 2-minute benchmark survey for all employees
🚀 3-hour interactive workshop
🌟 Weekly Routine template to tailor to your goals
📝 15-minute daily reminder for 5 days to guide & act

Success Metrics & KPIs 

👀 Profile Views & Posts impressions
📈 Clicks and traffic from Linkedin
📊 Collective SSI of your employees VS your industry
👁️‍🗨️ % of employees who post on Linkedin VS peers
💰 Leads / Deals / Hires sourced from Linkedin

Empowering employees and leaders on Linkedin

  • creates and scales authentic experiences and relationships
  • builds reach and trust
  • supports hiring, marketing, thought leadership and inbound sales.


What our customers say

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Very Effective for businesses and leaders wishing to grow their brands and reach more customers.


Tatiana - Managing Director

Valuable and practical training that our team loved and could execute to get results quickly.


Evan - Founder & CEO

Extra Mile and Guillaume have been adding real value and have been praised by the team based on their sound experience on LinkedIn and B2B sales.


Bruno - Head of Sales

Anyone who is looking to get the best out of LinkedIn should talk to Guillaume. I grew my profile views by 150% right after the workshop.


Ha - Trainng Manager


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Why we complement Linkedin:

Our customers appreciate our Linkedin expertise, but what they truly value is our unbiased, tailored, comprehensive, and results-driven approach that goes beyond LinkedIn.

Unbiased guidance

As independent consultants, we offer objective advice to maximize your LinkedIn ROI instead of upselling Linkedin.

Tailored to you

We customize training programs taking into account your firm's unique culture, goals and existing workflows.

ROI, not just adoption

Our experience allows us to provide more strategic consulting and training on long term ROI, not just adoption.